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The Rental Beam service lets hippoRENT™ and CasperLet™ Users automatically display their current catalog of available rentals on their own website or in the Rental Beam Global Listings.

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Forgot your Password? Use the Rental Beam Kiosk In-World to set a new Password. You may also send an email to the Rental Beam Accounts Manager with questions about your account and any billing issues you may have.

Please direct all sales and purchase questions to Darrius Gothly

Are you using CasperLet or hippoRENT?
Need a way to automate your business?
Want to establish a web site presence?

If you answer "Yes" to any of the above then you need Rental Beam.


Real-Time Automatic Update

Rented Properties are immediately removed from the list of available parcels. At Rental End the parcel is added to the list. All automatic and nearly instantaneous. No more manual updates or worrying about out of date listings.

Available Property Web Page

Up-to-date list of all Available Properties automatically presented as a Web Page on your site or ours. Listings can be sorted by Prims, Price, etc. Specific Listings can be "Featured"; displayed with a special highlight color that makes them stand out visually.

Direct Teleport to Rental Property

Potential Tenants can teleport directly to the Property just by clicking on the Listing. Specially formatted SLurls launch their Viewer and teleport them right to the Rental Box or Property.

Sim Map Overview of Rental Location

Shows the prospective Tenant the real-time Map of the Sim itself with a special "eye catcher" marker on the Parcel. Tenants can see the type of landscaping and neighborhood instantly.

Views and Teleports Statistics

Statistics Reports detail how many times your Available Property listing is viewed and which listings are clicked. Special "Staff Only" page provided to prevent counting Staff in statistics.

Graphical or Textual Listing Formats

Easily customized Listing Formats let you match your Web Site color scheme. Real-time listings are available in both Text-only and Graphical formats.

Promoting Your Land Business on the Web

Your Land Rentals are the single most important part of your Second Life business. Unfortunately it also takes the majority of your time. Every time someone begins or ends a rental, you must spend anywhere from several minutes to an hour updating your listings, updating and distributing Notecards, handling all the paperwork and advertising to make sure that your inventory of available properties is accurate and up to date.

There are lots of places and ways to let potential tenants know what properties you have available, but the one method that is sure to be available to the largest audience is to list your inventory on the Internet. A fully detailed list would be ideal. It would be even better if you could include a map of the Sim too. But you're not a Web Geek and updating the list every time a property is rented or comes available would just make your brain melt. You could hire someone to do it for you, but that also means the listings will only get updated when you can get in touch with them and have them make the changes. The more you think about it, the less appealing it seems.

Rental Beam is the easy way to automate the whole thing!

Rental Beam - Your Dreams Have A Name

With Rental Beam, not only is there a way to automate the process but you can add it to your existing hippoRENT or CasperLet system in less time than it takes to read this paragraph. Rental Beam tracks your entire rental inventory in real-time. When a potential tenant visits your web page, they see an up-to-date and guaranteed accurate list of all your available properties. Even if a property came available just a minute earlier, it will be included in the list. When a property is rented, it is instantly removed from the list. Never again will you direct people to properties that are already rented or miss showing them an available property just because no one has had the time to update the list.

Rental Beam is your Robot Web Geek. Instantly updates your Property Listings, never goes on vacation, and never takes time off!

Teleport Customers Directly to the Correct Property

Setting up and managing the Landmarks for each and every Rental Property is time consuming and prone to error. When someone finds a Property that interests them, you need a way to give them the proper Landmark each and every time. With Rental Beam there is no need for Landmarks or Notecards or special HUDs. As soon as they click on the Property Listing that interests them, their SL Viewer opens and shows them a Landmark Teleport page ... direct to the proper parcel.

Rental Beam takes the hassle out of getting Customers to the right property! Instantly, accurately, and 24-hours per day!

Region Maps and Property Notes

Some people like reading, some people like pictures. With Rental Beam you can satisfy both at the same time. Every listing includes the details provided by your rental system including Prims Allowed, Price per week (day, month, etc.), Region Name and Parcel Location. But it doesn't stop there. Rental Beam allows you to add an optional custom note or comment about each parcel. Have special requirements for a parcel? Want to inform customers about unique features or special options? Rental Beam lets you add any custom text you want. You can even mark a parcel as "Featured" so that it is displayed with a special highlight color; perfect for promoting those special deals and parcels.

For those customers that want pictures, both the Textual and Graphical listing formats provide up-to-date Region Maps just like they see in the SL Viewer Global Map. There's even a special "Eye Catcher" animation that points out exactly where the parcel is located. Your customers will not only be able to see the type of Sim, but where on the Sim the parcel is located too.

Promote special deals, describe each property fully, even show them a Map. With Rental Beam ... "X" marks the spot!

Keep Track of Visitors and Conversions

Having a web site is only part of the picture. You also need to know how many times people visit your site, which properties interest them and even which properties they visit. Rental Beam tracks each and every visitor to your Available Property web page. When they click on a listing and teleport to one of your parcels, Rental Beam tracks that too. These statistics help you understand your customers better, track what size and type of properties are hot this week, and even track how a visitor to your web site turns into a Tenant when they visit a parcel and rent it. With Rental Beam, you can stop guessing and start seeing exactly how your business is doing. You can even export the statistics reports directly to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format.

Rental Beam turns data into useful information and knowledge ... helping you manage your Rental Business better!

I'm Sold! How Do I Get Rental Beam?

The answer is quite simple. Purchase the Rental Beam Kiosk from the Second Life Marketplace, rez it out and follow the directions.

Ready to Visit the Rental Beam Kiosk Listing on the Marketplace? <--- CLICK

About the Rental Beam Service

The Rental Beam Service for Second Life™ automates the arduous task of tracking, posting and updating your available Rental Properties in Second Life. It is designed expressly to work with both the Hippo-Tech hippoRent and CasperTech CasperLet systems and includes "Plugin" scripts that are added to each hippoRent or CasperLet rental box. Just add the proper script to your rental boxes, fill out some basic details about how to sort and display your rentals and then include the Available Properties code in your website. Everything is automatic, nearly instantaneous and includes advanced web-browsing automation that helps your customers learn more about your listings than a plain web page ever could.

Adding Rental Beam to your Existing hippoRent™ or CasperLet™ System

If you are already using the hippoRent™ or CasperLet™ Rental systems then you have already done the hardest part of adding the Rental Beam system to your business. Included in the basic Rental Beam system purchase are the Rental Beam LSL Scripts that act as Plugins to the hippoRent and CasperLet systems. Just edit each box, add the appropriate Rental Beam plugin to the Contents tab then reset the Rental Box. As the Rental Box resets normally, the Rental Beam script will begin building the web page data needed to show the listing on your website.

Managing Your Rental Properties

Unlike manual systems that require you to copy and paste data from the hippoRENT or CasperLet management pages, the Rental Beam system completely automates the real-time display of your rentals. Even when you are not online, the instant someone rents one of your properties by paying the rental box, the Rental Beam Plug-In automatically updates your web page for you. When a tenant leaves and the property becomes available again, once again Rental Beam automatically updates your web site, showing the property as available to the very next customer to visit your site.

Your Available Property Listings

The listings are displayed in a very flexible and easy-to-read format that leaves you in control of the display order. Rental Beam provides up to 10 levels of sorting that lets you organize the listings any way you desire. Do you have some properties that you want to receive extra attention? Rental Beam allows you to highlight specific properties so they are displayed with an eye-catching contrast color sure to get attention.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

But you know that just telling people about your properties is never enough, they need to see them too. Rental Beam has you covered there as well. Visitors to your web site can simply hover their mouse over a listing and see a popup Region Map that not only shows an aerial view of the Sim, but even shows them where the property is located. And just in case those thousand words aren't enough, we've also included the ability to add an extra note or comment that displays below the Region Map.

Here is an example of a few Available Property Listings. Hover your mouse over the first column to view the Region Map.

Example of Available Rentals in Textual Format

Complete with building platform at 740m altitude. Drop your Skybox or get one of ours for instant modern living in a Virtual World.
1024 sqm Sky platform grass residential T20 Temptation Oasis
1024 sqm waterfront Grass T63L Temptation Oasis
1024 sqm waterfront Grass T70L Temptation Oasis

If you prefer the graphical presentation, we offer a 3-wide image layout that displays the Region Map, the locator beacon and includes the same information and link as in the Textual format. Here is an example of the graphical layout:

Example of Available Rentals in Graphical Format

Temptation Oasis (159,191,741)
Complete with building platform at 740m altitude. Drop your Skybox or get one of ours for instant modern living in a Virtual World.

1024 sqm Sky platform grass residential T20
L$395/week - Prims:234
Temptation Oasis (222,31,20)

1024 sqm waterfront Grass T63L
L$395/week - Prims:234
Temptation Oasis (158,126,22)

1024 sqm waterfront Grass T70L
L$395/week - Prims:234
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